Restarting Ebony Glass Co.

If you’re new, welcome. If you’re not new, welcome back!

Back in November 2020, I quit blogging. I got frustrated with the lack of growth, confusion, wanting to do everything, and lack of clarity. But after quitting, some things began to happen one right after another last year.
I began working on solving my endometriosis problem, finally got divorced after being separated for over two years, “dating”, dealing with rejection, started and developing my business (, booked acting jobs, and I’m in the process of slowly phasing out ESL teaching, I have more clarity than ever before.

The major problem was that I wanted to do everything and was often told I had to choose a niche. I tried. I really really tried to condense myself. The thing is that I have so many passions, so many things that I’m deeply interested in and really good at. So, I’ve decided not to settle and I’m going to be the multi-passionate person that I am and I’m going to share myself and all that I love to do with the world.

So, what led to this revelation?
I already knew I had many passions, but I had to learn the name of what I am. I’m a “multipotentialite” (multipod for short). A term popularized by Emilie Wapnick, it’s a term for someone with many interests and creative pursuits. I believe that I learned about the term from a TedTalk from another woman named Taylor Aller. The video randomly came up as I was browsing through YouTube.

It was a real relief for me to find this video because giving my problem superpower a name, helped me to realize that I’m not alone and that there are some solutions. I’m still learning about it, but as of now, I’m just going to lean into it instead of fighting against it. This is why I’m giving this blog a second chance.

So, from here on out, I’ll be posting just about everything I’m knowledgeable about because I know there are others who would appreciate it.

As I restart the blog and clear away cobwebs (old links, photos, posts, and such), please excuse my mess.

Thank you for reading!

Talk to you later!


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