About Ebony

Hi! I’m Ebony Glass!

I’m a multi-passionate woman who happens to be an actress, business owner, blogger, mom, and believer who believes faith in God and self-care do mix! I’ve been blogging and creating content since 2015. I started my business, My Nude Shade LLC in June 2021. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising with a minor in accounting from Ursuline College. I’m currently studying the Meisner technique and I’ve been studying it along with other acting techniques for over two years.

My goal is to encourage women to do what they love to do and that they don’t have to narrow it down to one thing. They can achieve most of, if not all of their personal goals. I often post content that offers the option to have open dialogues with solutions to taboo subjects about how to be a multi-passionate person with subjects specifically for black women and other women of color.

For my subscribers and followers, I hope to show them that they are fit to fulfill their dreams. Curvy confidence is real, hope is real, growth is real, and God is real.

Let’s make something together.

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