How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome And Become A Better Blogger. (Part Two)

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This is part two of how to overcome imposter syndrome and become a better blogger. I have the remaining 4 out of 8 tips to share with you. These are things that I’ve learned and I hope to leave you encouraged and inspired.

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Remember! We Do Belong. We Just Need A Little Help

I’m picking up where I left off on the subject of feeling like an imposter as a blogger. In the previous post, I mentioned how comparing ourselves to other bloggers, content creators, and influencers can rob us of our joy, exacerbate issues with perfectionism, and induce anxiety-based procrastination. I gave four tips out of the eight I have for you
If you haven’t read part one, I recommend going back to read the first four tips before reading the next four.

So, let’s jump back into it!

*Note: This post does contain affiliate links. It’s completely free to click these links. The prices of the merchandise or services that they lead to are the same with or without clicking them. I only earn a teeny tiny commision if you choose to make a purchase through these links.

5. Upgrade Your Blog & Graphics.

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I don’t just mean upgrade your blog by going from free to the business plan, although I do recommend it. By upgrading your blog and graphics, you have to learn how to capture and hold the attention of your audience. Create and use graphics that align with who you are and what you’re about. It’s okay to get tips from other bloggers, it’s another to try to copy what they do, You will lose yourself and you may actually become an imposter.

The easiest thing that you can start doing is creating better graphics to use on your blog and all of your social media platforms. For the past year, I’ve been using Canva to create Pinterest and Instagram-worthy graphics to increase the traffic for my blog. I just recently signed up for Canva Pro.

Canva is completely free to use. However, using Canva Pro allows me to create a graphic and change the size for every social media platform without having to create an entirely new graphic. The pro version not only gives me access to more quality images, but it also gives me even more access to Brand Kit Pro, Animation Pro, Canva Schedule, and so much more. Check it out here!

You can also use the free images that WordPress provides via to get beautiful images to make your posts come alive.

This is perfect to take advantage of. Especially, if you follow tip #1 and join Tailwind and want your tribe to share your content.

6. Stop comparing yourself to other bloggers.

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One of the fastest ways to lose steam is to compare yourself to another blogger. It’s been mentioned before by some of the most successful bloggers of them all. Comparison is the thief of joy. It also robs you of your self-esteem and your voice. Don’t compare your chapter five to someone’s chapter 14 or 42.

There have been so many posts I either never finished or deleted because I thought what I had to say wasn’t as good as this other blogger that everyone knows and loves. I was foolish because I deleted some raw and honest content. Some, I’ve kept because I knew that they would help someone.

Post it anyway and as you continue your blogging journey, you can go back and tweak them.
These are some of my posts that have been tweaked at least 10 times since they’ve been posted. I’ve tweaked the titles, the images, tags, begun using WordPress Business SEO tools changed some of the languages, and more.

  1. How to Increase Your Joy with These 7 Self-Care Tips.
  2. How to Make and Sell No-Heat Shea Butter Cream.
  3. 3 Ways to Discover How To Inspire Healing in Your Life (Free Download Inside)
Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Become a Better Blogger. (Part Two) – – Pin me!

7. Create content based on what you know.

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You may be an expert or you may not be an expert, but you have experiences to share. There are products you have tried, there are services you have bought, and there are even movies you have seen. Almost every experience is worth writing about. Your experience matters and there’s no one that sounds or looks like you.

If you need some help with figuring out how to begin to talk about what you do know and make it profitable, try these two places for guidance on how to overcome imposter syndrome, gain some clarity, and become a better blogger.

  1. How To Blog For A Living.
  2. Fierce Clarity.

8. Create follow-up or Recycle past Posts.

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You don’t have to create brand new content all the time. As I said before talking about what you know. You can break apart a how-to list into different blog posts or YouTube videos. You can create new infographics that lead people back to old but relevant content. There are many things you can do with just one post. People have created a series on just one topic. You got this blogging thing. I’m preaching to myself too, but yooouuuu goooooot thiiiiiissss! Okay?!

This concludes how to overcome imposter syndrome and become a better blogger. If you need more blogging inspiration and advice, subscribe to get my emails and then follow my Pinterest board below. If you have any tips at all or have any questions, leave me a comment!

Talk to you soon!

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Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Become a Better Blogger. (Part Two) – – Pin me!
8 Ways to Overcome Imposter Syndrome and Realize You’re an Awesome Blogger. (Part 2) –

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