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I know I already did a hair profile. (Click here to see it.)  However, I thought I would better show you my hair with these super quick videos. Those few photos I had in the last hair profile didn’t really do justice in showing you the details that make up coily hair.

My Hair Type!
My Big Chop Story!
Length Check!
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  1. […] offered to me. However, I was skeptical of how these products would work for my hair because 1.) my hair is rebellious, even the baby hairs rebel and 2.) they don’t often show women with my hair type in their […]

  2. I’ve never done a length check and I’ve been natural 3 years now.. I guess it doesn’t matter to me how long my hair is as long as it’s healthy

    1. Good point! Healthy hair is a must.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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