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It Was Time For Change. So, I Cut My Hair. My Mission to Self-Heal.

Hey hey, everyone!
It’s been a minute, hasn’t it?

I needed a break. Like, a break-break. My mind and my life were doing the uttermost and I needed to figure it all out. As you can see I am slowly transitioning the brand from CoilySue86 to Ebony Glass and I’m developing a “main brand” if you will and it will be named Ebony Glass Co. I’ve even created social media pages in preparation for the change.

Instead of shutting the website down, I thought I’d stay open for business during construction. And not just the construction of my brand, but construction on my physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Since I’ve been away, I’ve been trying new ways to stay active, creating t-shirts, stumbled upon a handful of goodies, and even made a sudden change to my hair.

What?! What did I do to my hair?

Oh! Nothing outrageous, but severely imperative and necessary.

Six years and one month after my first big chop, I decided to cut approximately 9 to 10 inches of hair (probably more). I’m right back at TWA status.

You see, I was dealing with a lot of shedding, lack of growth, tangling and breakage from the split ends. My hair seemed to have remained at approximately 13 inches for almost two years. That didn’t seem right.

The cause? Other than being a lazy natural, I was on liver meds, dealing with major stress, and hormonal imbalances. All of those things affected the health of my hair. So, I wanted to start over.

This is one of the steps I took to improve my health this summer. I’ll be writing more about what I’ve been doing this summer.

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Bye bye, hair!

It doesn’t look like much, but that was a lot of hair.

So, I went from having this…

June 27, 2018

…to having this.

20180708_174306 (1).jpg
July 8, 2018

Yep! I had to. At first, I hesitated and thought I could buy one more product or try one more method to save my strands, but no. It was time for an actual cut. I need to follow up with a stylist to even me out, but other than that I’m pretty happy with the results.

I like my hair cut!

Have you been thinking of cutting your hair?

If you are thinking of cutting your own hair allow me to recommend some products that I used to ensure a successful self-haircut. Don’t worry, all will be linked below. If you’re anything like me, you like to shop around. So, I’ll provide more than one retail option for each product.

Carol’s Daughter Products used during my hair cut.

I recommend first, shampooing and conditioning your hair first.
I used Carol’s Daughter Almond Milk Shampoo. It thoroughly cleansed my hair and scalp without leaving it dry and squeaky.
Where to Buy The Shampoo?
Carol’s Daughter Website
Target (Where I Bought Mine)
Amazon (Don’t forget to sign up for Prime in time for Prime Day. July 16th)
Sally Beauty

I then used Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner during the cutting process. Using this helped me to detangle my hair before sectioning and cutting my hair. In addition, it’s imperative that you find a good pair of hair shears before starting. Do NOT use kitchen shears, fabric shears, or regular scissors. Just don’t! You can damage your hair and you won’t get clean cuts without proper shears.

Conditioner and hair shears.

Where to But The Conditioner?
Trader Joes. The cheaper option.
Amazon (if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s close to home.)

Where to Buy the Shears?
(Like Item)

I rinsed the conditioner and then did an ACV rinse for my itchy and flaky scalp. I left that on my scalp for about 5 minutes. It could have been longer, but I didn’t want to wait.

After that, I sprayed Carol’s Daughter Almond Milk Leave-In Conditioner, applied my homemade oil mix, and used Carol’s Daughter’s Sacred Tiare 4-in-1 Combing Cream to comb through and fluff my TWA!

Where to Buy The Leave-In?
Carol’s Daughter Website
Target (Where I Bought Mine)
Sally Beauty

Where to Buy The Combing Cream?
Carol’s Daughter Website
Sally Beauty (Where I Bought Mine)

I am very much satisfied and I feel lighter. I do plan on growing my hair back, but not at the expense of having healthy hair. I’d rather have health and volume over just having long hair.

Tell me what you think?

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Anemia vs. Growing Healthy Natural Hair.

On my journey of being my natural self, I have made some discoveries about my health. I have been natural for almost five years and I have constantly struggled with my looking and feeling weak. The hair around my hairline would seem to have the slowest growth or not grow past one or two inches over the course of five years. The hair wouldn’t really curl and would shed easily with the white bulb attached. This would still occur after using castor oil and products with whatever is supposed to help reduce or prevent shedding.

Before I became natural, I wouldn’t notice shedding and thinning too much because my hair was straight and would lay closer to my scalp. Especially, after I would smooth it down with gel or jam.

I’ve briefly mentioned before that I am anemic and that I felt that it contributed to my current problems with my hair.

Well, I was right.

Reduced hair shedding during washing and styling.

I’m sure that there is more to why my hair sheds the way it does and I will find out the more I make more visits to the doctor and dermatologist. However, it’s been over ten years that I have been dealing with anemia (low hemoglobin). Doctors would say to me, “Your hemoglobin is a little low, but you should be fine.” How Sway?! It makes me angry because I always feel that “little low” with lightheadedness, fatigue, mood swings, dark circles around my eyes, cold hands, and feet, hair thinning, et cetera. I do not feel good when my iron is a “little low”.

Last year, I was prescribed iron tablets at 65 mg and to take one twice a day. While I was taking iron supplements along with two 1,400 mg flaxseed oil capsules, I had reduced the shedding of my hair by 50% to 60% within six to eight weeks of taking them every single day without missing a dose. In addition, my scalp was less dry and flaky.

At the beginning of taking the iron supplements and during.

In the above photo, you can see my hair looking extremely sparse. It doesn’t help that I have an indented hairline, but any hair loss is noticed there first. I also looked very tired. Then, in the bottom half of the photo my twists and my hairline looks healthier and not as sparse. I also look more energetic. Both photos were taken right after a wash or co-wash and applying the LOC method.
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Unfortunately, I stopped taking them about two months ago because iron supplements are tough on the stomach and I wanted a break from taking them. Plus, I got tired of taking pills after what I went through this summer. And of course, the shedding returned along with the persistent low energy with cold hands and feet. However, my edges don’t look as sparse like they did back in May.

So, I am back on the supplements at the same dosage along with the flaxseed oil at the same dosage. With this, I’ve been including flaxseeds in my oatmeal, drinking homemade kombucha, and eating more vegetables, not only to fight stomach upset and constipation from taking iron but to also provide healthy nutrients that help my hair grow to be as healthy as possible. When those don’t seem to work to reduce constipation (sorry to be so graphic), I occasionally take Swiss Kriss to get me back on track.

Nature Made Organic Flaxseed Oil 1,400 mg - Omega-3-6-9 for Heart Health - 300 Softgels                                      Nature Made Iron 65 mg. (from Ferrous Sulfate) Tablets 180 Ct

Supplements I take for anemia, hair growth & health.

I am determined to grow my hair as healthy as possible but I can’t do that unless I get my health together. Healthy hair begins on the inside. So, I plan to stay on the supplements, eat more iron-rich foods, possibly obtain a cast-iron skillet, and tell you all about how they are working for me. So, subscribe to my blog to stay updated.

Thanks for reading!

Ebony/ CoilySue86