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#Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Line: Does It Work on Kinky Curls?

Hey! How’s it going?

I have a very detailed review for you.

The wonderful people at Ouidad has recently reached out to me to review their Advanced Climate Control line. This line of hair care products offers to prevent frizz, flyaways, and unwanted volume and helps curls look more defined.

I’m always excited to try new products. Especially, when they are offered to me. However, I was skeptical of how these products would work for my hair because 1.) my hair is rebellious, even the baby hairs rebel and 2.) they don’t often show women with my hair type in their ads.


I was curious to see how this would work on my hair in the climate I am in.
I just moved to Kansas City, Kansas from Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve noticed that this state is much drier than it is in Ohio. In my home state, it is much more humid considering lake Erie was close enough for me to walk to.
Here in Kansas, they get “fire weather” alerts. Yes! It gets that dry.
Ouidad Advanced Climate Control.

Ouidad ACC Line

So? Does it work on kinky curls? Does it work on tightly textured afro coils?

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Allow me to break it all down to you.


This is after my first attempt at using Ouidad’s Advanced Climate Control line.
It didn’t turn out so well. I’ll explain more at the bottom of this review.

Before Ouidad ACC.jpg
Ebony/ CoilySue86

Advanced Climate Control® Defrizzing Shampoo

Ouidad ACC Shampoo.jpg
Advanced Climate Control Shampoo

The advanced climate control defrizzing shampoo is sulfate free! Yay!
Yet, it still offers a beautiful lather and it gets my scalp clean. It can effectively wash my hair and I won’t be left with that super squeaking clean that makes my strands stick together.

Ouidad Shampoo During1
Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo.
Ouidad Shampoo During2
Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo. CoilySue86

But does it “defrizz” or even prevent frizzing?
Actually, yes. This shampoo made my strands more collective. Meaning that they were collecting and curling together.

The shampoo does offer a little slip to help with finger combing as you clean your hair. I was very surprised by that. It’s not often you can find a shampoo or cleanser that offers slip.
Advanced Climate Control® Defrizzing Conditioner

Ouidad ACC Conditioner.jpg
Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Conditioner

The advanced climate control defrizzing conditioner is the real MVP (Most Valuable Product) here. I wasn’t expecting this to be thick, creamy and provide enough slip to my hair for me to be able to detangle.

Ouidad Conditioner In Hair
Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Conditioner. CoilySue86

You can that my coils were collected and cooperating with each other just after applying the conditioner.

Ouidad Conditioner In Hair 2

The instructions said to leave in for 3 minutes. Of course, I left it in longer as I finger-detangled my hair. Which, this is the real key to making sure you prevent frizz.

Make sure that your hair is thoroughly detangled and oiled before applying the next two products. Please do not skip this advice.
Advanced Climate Control® Featherlight Styling Cream

Ouidad ACC Cream
Advanced Climate Control Featherlight Styling Cream

The second in line for the position of MVP, the advanced climate control featherlight styling cream also helped me with detangling my hair.


Ouidad ACC Cream Before Apply
Advanced Climate Control Featherlight Styling Cream. CoilySue86

It is imperative that you apply your favorite oil or cream BEFORE applying this product. This cream dries fast and doesn’t add any oil or butter to keep the hair from drying out and sticking together. Yes, you want your strands to collect and curl but please learn from my mistake. Apply the oil before applying this cream.

I do feel like I need to use quite a bit on my hair for each section. Even though my strands are fine, I felt like I needed two quarter-sized amounts to collect and weigh my coils down.
Advanced Climate Control® Heat and Humidity Gel

Ouidad ACC Gel
Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel
Ouidad ACC Gel Before Apply.jpg
Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel. CoilySue86

The advanced climate control heat and humidity gel is good. This dries fast. Using this gel with the cream is a beautiful thing. It collects the strands to nicely, adding definition, and adds slip for detangling.

It doesn’t make the hair hard and crunchy. There will be some flexibility to your hair when it dries.

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Final Results: Third Time’s the Charm?

The first time I tried these products, I attempted to do a twist-out. I made the mistake of skipping the oil and leave-in. I thought the cream would add some oil or butter like a leave-in. I treated this like a leave-in conditioner and I should have used a leave-in before applying the cream and gel. As mentioned, they dry very fast. In fact, you can see how my hair looked a week later in my before-photo at the top. So, I decided to start over.

The second time I tried these products, I remembered the oil. However, I made the mistake of messing with my hair by trying to style my hair in a stretched wash-n-go. My hair was still slightly wet and I thought it would dry just fine.

Banded Hair with Ouidad ACC
Stretching my wash-n-go. CoilySue86

Nah! My hair looks like the model’s hair in the ad. There’s nothing wrong with it but I wasn’t aiming for this.

Cropped Results of Ouidad ACC Line
Stretched wash-n-go results. Meh. Makeup-Free CoilySue86

I tried to feel proud of the result, but it wasn’t working for me. You can see how defined my hair is in the back and near my edges, but the ends weren’t having it. My hair stuck together and was hard to gently separate the curls after the products dried.
I was actually pissed at myself because I should have left my hair alone.

The third time, I figured I’d just do it all over again. I shampooed, conditioned, applied the cream and gel. Then, I sectioned my hair, finger detangled while smoothing the product into smaller sections, and raked the product through with my fingers and let it air dry. In short, a classic wash-n-go.
The Final Results & Thoughts:


Ouidad ACC Final Result 1
Wash-n-go Results with Ouidad – CoilySue86
Ouidad ACC Final Result 2
Wash-n-go Results with Ouidad – CoilySue86
Ouidad ACC Final Result 3
Wash-n-go Results with Ouidad – CoilySue86

It took me three tries, but I really like how it turned out. This is the most defined coils I’ve ever had. EVER! I’m not used to so much shrinkage and I don’t do wash-n-goes often because my hair tangles easily and frequently. My hair also takes all day to dry. It’s just the hair that I have. I may try them more often when the weather gets warmer and I am outside more.

For this time around, I happen to use a little too much product and you can see it in the some of the photos. However, the product does dry clear.

I think that when it comes to kinky curly coily hair, that the Ouidad Advanced Climate Control products are only meant for wash-n-go days. I don’t think they’re meant for any other style for me. I say this because of the fact that because the idea is to have frizz-free curls and any extra manipulation of the hair will defeat that purpose.

Also, the cream and gel dry really fast and you really don’t have much time to work with the products while styling.
Would I recommend these products?
Sure! I actually would. I say this because I now know what to do when it comes to using these products. In addition, I notice the quality of my coils improving with each use. Meaning, I noticed them collecting more on their own without much effort.

If you would like to give these products a try, click here to shop.


Thanks for reading!
Talk to you later!

Ebony/ CoilySue86


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*Products were complementary. Post contains affiliate links. Clicking on them are FREE. If you choose to make a purchase, you’d be helping me keep my blog up and running. Thanks, Love!