#HealZone Journal Prompt: Day Five

Prompt: Meditate and journal on your greatest desire. Share your experience. Response: My greatest desire is sometimes hard to speak about because I have a bit of a superstition that they will be foiled by the enemy if I speak them aloud. Now that I have typed that out, I realize that it shows that…

#HealZone Journal Promt Day Four.

Question: How do you value yourself? Response: I’m not exactly sure how to answer this question, but I will give it my best. I value myself by practicing the act of not taking myself too seriously. Even though I have many talents and gifts, I am not above anyone. I’m not above constructive criticism. I…

#HealZone Journal Prompt: Day Two.

Day Two Question: Be Honest. How do you feel at this moment? Response: Honestly, I feel like Sugar Honey Iced Tea. My mood (anxiety & depression) has been high and low. The roller coaster ride has left me feeling ill and tired. The tired I feel is a very “fed up” feeling. I am still…

3 Examples of Sabotage and How to Avoid Them! Self-Care Saturday.

Yoooo! It’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been going through all the things and I have learned so much these past 6 months and I’ve got so much to share with you. One of them being sabotage. Whether it be intentional or not, caused by an outside source or caused by yourself, beware of sabotage….

Self-Care Saturday Journal: Unlearning How to Hate Me.

“I want to unlearn how to hate me.” A sentence from one of my letters to God. I wanted to take just a moment to express thoughts and feelings about how I have fallen into the trap of hating myself. It’s a trap that was set many years ago and we fall into it usually…

Afros and Mental Peace.

I’m personally designing shirts and products on Teespring.com to bring awareness that mental illness does exist within the black community. There is still the stigma that keeps many of us from being transparent about our struggles and getting help for them.

My Holiday Self-Care in Memoriam Journal.

This past week I contributing guest on The Spoken Black Girl blog. I spoke about the holidays, mourning, and self-care. I mentioned that I would exercise some of the ideas I shared in that post. Below is my first journal entry for the holidays season. I won’t be posting a daily entry, but I will post as often as necessary to as apart of keeping myself whole while still in mourning during the holidays.

So, I did a few things for myself this Thanksgiving.