Whole30 (Round Two) turned Whole60: Days 1 through 15.

I'm currently on my second round of Whole30 and I wanted to share this journey with you all as well. I made it to day 30 back on January 10, 2020. Before I could make it to day 30 I began to feel as if I should go another 30 days. Click to read more about it and how you can do #Whole30 too! #JanuaryWhole30 #Whole60

3 Steps to Begin Healing Your Whole Self This New Year! (Free Download Inside)

Everyone talking about self-care but no one really says how we are to take care of ourselves. Learning how to take care of yourself involves learning who you are and what's really ailing you. You'll discover that many of your ailments are related one another.

12 Tips for Holiday Self-Care: Mourning During the Holidays.

**A throwback post I have previously written for another blog over a year ago. Originally written 11/17/2016** Personal Testimony: This will be the fourth holiday season without my mom. This is the fourth year I prepare food she taught me how to cook. The fourth time I wish I could call her for some tips… Continue reading 12 Tips for Holiday Self-Care: Mourning During the Holidays.

3 Examples of Sabotage and How to Avoid Them! Self-Care Saturday.

Yoooo! It's been a while since I posted. I've been going through all the things and I have learned so much these past 6 months and I've got so much to share with you. One of them being sabotage. Whether it be intentional or not, caused by an outside source or caused by yourself, beware of sabotage.… Continue reading 3 Examples of Sabotage and How to Avoid Them! Self-Care Saturday.