Easy & Creamy Whole30/ Paleo/ AIP/ Vegan Banana Berry N’oatmeal Recipe.

I'm the type to whip up things using whatever I have in my fridge and creating happy experiments and accidents. I knew I wanted something warm, fruity, creamy, sweet, and easy. It's also vegan, paleo/AIP, low carb, and Whole30 compliant with no added sugar. Therefore, I've create a no-oatmeal breakfast packed with nutrients and fiber. #Whole30Compliant #Paleo #GrainFree #Breakfast

Everything You Need to Make Fluffy Shea Butter Cream & Shea Butter Lotion!

I have two new D.I.Y.s for you!
#SheaButter #DIY #Recipe

Whole30 Diet Experience: Round One Results. Day 1 to Day 30 with Photos.

During my first round of Whole30, I went through some things that I've never gone through before and let me just say... It was all worth it and it still is. These are posts from my personal Facebook page and some of my teacher groups copied and pasted here into this post. #Whole30 #Whole30Diet #Whole30Reset #HealthJourney #WeightLossJourney

13 Amazing Gifts for Lazy Naturals From Target.com.

We lazy naturals love our natural hair, but don't love long wash days and even longer hours of styling. Give the gift of an easier wash day of these products from Target.

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6 Fun Holiday Dinner T-shirts for the Whole Family: “I’m Just Here for the…”

These are fun and special t-shirts that you didn't know that you needed. You can wear to any holiday event to let people know what you're there for. Are you there for the turkey, the macaroni and cheese, the cobbler??? Might as well tell them upfront.

These t-shirts are mostly unisex but do go up to a 3x or higher depending on the style.

6 Plus Denim Jackets You Need from Target This Fall.

Lately, I've been planning ahead for the fall and winter months to come. Since I live in Northeast Ohio, you can never be too prepared for the coldest months of the year. If you live in the mid-west and northeastern states, you know exactly what I mean.

The Average Time it Takes to Go Through the Qkids Hiring Process & What Will Slow You Down. (Tips and Tricks Included.)

I thought I would answer this common question to help you all get an idea of what to expect during the Qkids hiring process. ¬† If they are interested in hiring you, you should hear back from them within three days to a week. Usually, it's three days. When you apply,¬†make sure you complete the… Continue reading The Average Time it Takes to Go Through the Qkids Hiring Process & What Will Slow You Down. (Tips and Tricks Included.)

10 From $10: The Ugly and Not So Ugly Plus-Size Christmas Sweaters. (Special Offers Included)

This is your guide to shopping for Christmas sweaters of the Ugly and not so ugly variety. Here you will find deals and steals on holiday sweaters for your budget and your size.
These sweaters, sweatshirts, and sweater dresses will make you stand out at any holiday party.