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Dear Brown Skin Girl, Here’s How To Protect Your Skin.

black girl sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen is a Must For The Brown Skin Girl!

Hey! My name is Ebony and I’m so proud to be black. I’m proud to be a brown skin girl and I’m happy to have found Black Girl Sunscreen!
I’m on a mission to reduce my scars and hyperpigmentation. Within my research to minimize my current skin care issues, I read that using sunscreen along with my current skin care routine, would help combat and prevent hyperpigmentation. In my daily routine, I make sure to wear this over my moisturizer and under my makeup to reap the full benefits.

As a brown skin girl, I’m learning to love my skin, I must invest in products and companies that know what it’s like to be me and know what I need to take care of myself.

Black Girl Sunscreen Review –

*Note: This post is unsponsored, but does contain affiliate links. It’s completely free to click these links and they do NOT affect the price of the items mentioned here. I do earn a tiny commission if you choose to make a purchase through these links.

What’s So Great About This Sunscreen?

black girl sunscreen
Black Girl Sunscreen Review – This photo belongs to Ebony Glass (Author)

Black Girl Sunscreen is created by women of color for people of color. It’s formulated to dry clear and make anyone who wears it to have glowing skin. This cruelty-free sunscreen can be used on that face and the body daily. It’s also vegan, it’s infused with natural ingredients, and it’s reef-safe.

Why do I need it? Confession…

I haven’t used sunscreen up until recently. *gasp* I know, I know! I didn’t really invest in a sunscreen because most sunscreens make me look ashy and contain ingredients that I don’t like to use on my body. Also, I still held on to the myth that we (black people) didn’t really need sunscreen.

Well, it turns out that we do. We can still get skin cancer and the harmful rays of the sun can and will age us faster. Therefore, cracking the black that supposedly doesn’t crack. So, we need to protect all this melanin magic!

Forever Young.

black girl sunscreen
Ebony (Author) with Black Girl Sunscreen –

I already look twenty-something to most people and I plan on keeping it that way for as long as I can. Now that I’ve been using it for over a month, I’ve already noticed a reduction of dark marks. I also noticed that I look super moisturized and healthy when I wear this sunscreen. With Black Girl Sunscreen, there’s no ashy greyness, only glowing blackness.

Talk to you later!

What does “Ebony” mean? Research it here.

P.S. If you haven’t already, check out “Brown Skin Girl” by Beyonce. Everything about this song makes me proud to be brown and proud to be named “Ebony”

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1. Ask the Expert: Is There a Skin Cancer Crisis in People of Color?

2. Melanoma in People of Color.

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Black Girl Sunscreen Pin –

Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

Minimo Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask Review –

Hey there! Let me introduce you to Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask, a gentle and skin-soothing mask to add to your skincare routine. Read this all the way to the end to get a promo code for 20% off your first purchase with Minimo.

Minimo Skin Essentials Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask. The Minimo brand is black-owned and woman-owned, made with simple ingredients, and is super affordable! Since I happen to have ordered the full-sized sample glow pack, I’ll be doing several product reviews on a few items of theirs from that bundle.

Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

I’ve written about the Minimo Skin Essentials in my previous post on how I have reduced my hyperpigmentation for my dark skin. In this review, I want to highlight Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask. It’s a soothing non-drying mask that detoxes and mildly exfoliates the skin. Its main ingredients are:
Ashwagandha as an anti-inflammatory,
Pure Israeli Dead Sea Mud as detoxifier,
French Green Clay as an exfoliator, &
Multani Mitti Ayurvedic Clay as balancing agent of your skin’s natural oil production.
It also contains other ingredients that are organic, non-gmo, vegan, and / or kosher.

I’ve been using this mask for about a month along with their other products. It is recommended to be applied to clean and dry skin and be used a most once a week.

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*Note this post isn’t sponsored but does contain affiliate links and/ or ads. It’s completely free to click these links, but I do earn a teeny tiny commission if you choose to make a purchase through these links.

Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask Review – http://www.Ebony Glass

Shop this mood here:

Melanin in a Bottle Tee- EGCo. Apparel-

Why Do I Recommend it?

I personally recommend trying this mask if you often deal with inflamed and painful acne. The Miracle mask contains ingredients that soothe sore skin. Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask contains non-comedogenic oils that won’t allow it to dry and harden on your face. Therefore, you avoid causing further irritation while reducing the size, pain, and redness after use.

This really works, especially if you are using other products that reduce inflammation and are also gentle on your skin. The goal is to soothe the skin, not further irritate it.

Ebony using Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask –

My acne can be small yet painful. They appear on my cheeks, my chin, forehead, and around my hairline. I do my best to take care of them before they get too big or develope a whitehead. Ew! Once they heal… or I pick them. EW! I know! I know! It’s bad. Then, I get acne scars and hyperpigmentation.
If you want to try their mask and other products, I recommend visiting their site and shopping around or visit their store.

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Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask Review/ Results –

Let me know in the comments what you use to soothe your inflamed skin, who makes it, and where do you buy it from? Do you make your own mask? I’d really like to know.

Click here to shop Minimo Skin Essentials and use promo code EBONY20 to get 20% off your first purchase.

Also, here’s a Pinterest page specifically for dark skin care.

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Pinterest Graphic – Minimo Skin Essentials Mud Mask Review –

Pinterest Graphic 2 – Minimo Skin Essentials Mud Mask Review –

AMAZING Holiday Shopping Deals from Sally Beauty Starting TODAY!

Tis the Season to be shopping. Fa la la la la, la la la la.
We have no time to be store hopping. Fa la la la la, la la la la.
The deals I find will be listed. Fa la la la la, la la la la.
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Sally Beauty will be running great deals all month long to help you with all your holiday shopping. They have one-day deals starting this weekend that you won’t want to miss! Please see all the deals below and come back to my blog to be on the lookout for more deals to come each week. I’ll do my best to keep up because…motherhood, work, and life! Scroll down to the bottom for a bonus deal from Sally Beauty.

*This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Chi Lava.png
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Shea Moisture
Red Palm Oil & Cocoa Butter Detangling Shampoo by SheaMoisture

11/17 ONLY: 50% off Shea Moisture Hair Care with code 444344

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Bonus Deal:

Let me know which deals do you plan to take advantage of this holiday season.


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AMAZING Holiday Shopping Deals from Sally Beauty.png

Honest Review: L'Oreal Revitalift Deep-Acting Moisturizer.

*Originally posted on my Instagram with some words added here.

I received this product from Influenster to try. I was supposed to take a before and after photo to show how this cream lifted and toned my skin.

My before and after in one photo.

I HAVE to be honest.
I didn’t make it past day one!
I’m going to jump right into why.
I put this on my face and was immediately put off by the smell of the product. I have a sensitive nose and certain smells are hard to ignore. It smelled very medicinal and the fragrance they added didn’t help. I know this isn’t all natural and organic. Sometimes, I don’t mind that. But I don’t expect it to smell like an ointment.

I know this isn’t all natural and organic. Sometimes, I don’t mind that. But I don’t expect it to smell like an ointment.
However, it felt okay on my face. It gave it a healthy glow. It didn’t get dry but if I was to touch my face lightly, I could feel the product on my fingers. I don’t think my skin completely absorbed the product.
Would I use this again? Maybe underneath another product with a stronger scent than this. Unfortunately, I could not use this product daily.

For now, I will stick to using my oil mix as a moisturizer. As far as lifting and toning, I just need to stop sleeping on my face. Can you tell which side of my face I sleep on the most?

As far as lifting and toning, I just need to stop sleeping on my face. Can you tell which side of my face I sleep on the most?

Have you used this? If not, would you? What do you use or do to fight the signs of aging?

Thanks for reading!

Ebony/ CoilySue86

Are We Obligated to Buy Black? My Response to Harsh Criticism Toward a Fellow YouTuber.

Hey, Everyone! I’m glad you paid a visit to my site. 😀

Are we obligated to buy black only? I buy black, but not all the time. I’m going to tell you why I asked.

So, couple nights ago I was up late catching up on my favorite YouTube channels and I clicked on Naptural85’s latest video on the Pantene Gold Series line. She did a great job reviewing the product like she normal does for product reviews and D.I.Y.s.
Watch the video here.
Yes, I am a fan of her’s, but not a Stan! Meaning, I am not one to think that she can do no wrong and I don’t agree or like everything she does. But in my head, she is a sister from another mister.
Usually, when I like a review, demo, vlog, etc. I may skip reading the comments because folks like to troll HARD! Yet, I read through the comments and I can’t remember why. Maybe I was going to leave a comment or question about the product… I don’t know because I got really distracted by comments like these.

“Pantene is hiring Blacks but it is not Black-owned. Of course they are not stupid, they know where the money is going to come from. Please support Black-owned companies. Keep the profits in the community!”

“sick and tired of whites profiting off of us. With all that’s going on in this world, I refuse to allow that to happen with MY money. Pantene doesn’t give a damn about any of us. They’re just trying to make a dollar. I will only support those who have a real interest in me and my people.”

” Sponsored products always get rave reviews, even though many people who use it don’t have the same result!”

“Love you Whit, but I support Black owned as much as I can. Pantene is white own and they see profit in including Black people..they’re not stupid, so I kind of ignore your tutorial sorry. Then again…Panteen got the big bucks and since your family is expanding maybe it’s not about Black but about green. I know your life long dream is owing a home and Boston is very expensive. This makes sense. Pantene has the big bucks for sponsorship, you do you.its about your family and your financial situation.”

What the hell?! Who are these people?!

That last comment is from Satan. That woman let Satan use her to be messy. I’m not playing when I say that either. She hit on VERY personal points of Whitney’s life and tried to make her feel guilty for doing what everyone else in the world does and that is whatever the hell they want. You don’t come at someone and mention their body, family, home, and money. That is one of the many things Satan does to bring us to crumble in defeat. Just pointing out who the real enemy is and no, it’s not that woman.

Everyone does whatever they want. Unless you are a newborn baby or have a disability, whatever you twitch your muscles to do is in your control to do. Period.

Yet, I respect some of the concerns that most white-owned companies don’t care about us and we should support our own people. White-owned companies are jumping on the fact that many of us have returned to our hair to its natural state because they are losing money from the fact that we no longer buy their relaxers or other products that cause more damage to our hair. They were the ones who lied and convinced us that our hair isn’t normal or manageable.

White-owned companies not caring about us is nothing new! Why are we acting like that’s a new thing? Did we think they cared about us when they we selling us relaxers? Flat irons? Teaching our children in their schools? Creating food deserts in our community causing us to heavily rely on their McDonald’s, Rally’s/ Checkers, and Burger King?

Anyway, my responses below shows a better light on how I feel about these comments and the notion of an obligation to buy only black-owned.

Mobile screenshots below.


Apparently, I watch too much WWE with my husband and read the original comment in my Steve Austin voice.

There are more comments that follow my statements. Feel free to visit the video’s comment section and find my following responses.

I also, don’t care if the video was sponsored. I’m not going to get on a virtual soapbox and mention every unnatural, unsponsored or sponsored, and non-black-owned products that Whitney has featured on her channel. But they can be found if you search for them.

She COULD feature only black-owned hair care products on her channel and the same goes for me and my channel, but how honest would that be if that is not what we do in real life?

Why are people expecting YouTubers do create videos for free when you don’t do what you do for free? And millions of people watch YouTube videos all day long and the revenue from those ads are literally pennies compared to the work that goes into creating content that is pushed out daily for viewers. Creating high-quality (or even low-quality. Ahem!) YouTube videos frequently isn’t cheap or easy. This is coming from someone who is just getting close to 500 subscribers after I started almost two years ago.

Now, mind you I would have said the same thing if it were anyone else’s channel because I am strongly tired of some people acting like that there is an obligation to buy ONLY from black-owned companies. No one should feel so pressured to buy or even demo products and services JUST because they are black-owned. That’s like saying, I’m obligated to buy from companies ran by women because I am a woman. No! I buy what works, what fits, what costs less, what makes me feel better, what fits my values, from companies who show women that look like me, and what I like!

Every product or service that is black-owned won’t be to our liking and we aren’t obligated to keep spending money on things we don’t like. That’s wasteful.

If you want everything you use to be black-owned, there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll be behind you. However, until you can find everything you want to use that is black-owned, keep using whatever the hell you want.

To me, the first step to acting like a free black woman is to realize that I am free to do what I please with what and whom I please and I shouldn’t be treated as if my “black card” is real and attached to how I spend my money… or lack thereof.

So, if we are obligated to buy black-owned everything? Then, we should be earning black-owned money, right?

Thanks so much for reading. Please subscribe to stay updated on posts that are coming out. I recently purchased some products that are black-owned and I will be doing an honest first impression with those products.

Please, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Take care!

~Ebony/ CoilySue86

Fall & Winter Natural Hair Regimen| Start to Finish + 3 Style Options.

Hey! I’ve got a treat for you!

I’ve created a great regimen to beat cold weather dryness and itching. The process is simple and doesn’t take up any more time than a normal wash day. Did I mention that it includes three styles?

This regimen consists of homemade and store bought products to help you obtain and maintain healthy hair from start to finish. It’s up to you to use either homemade or store bought. There’s no pressure. Just don’t skip the LOC or LCO method.

Homemade Products:
1. Anti-Dandruff Hot Oil Mix (Blog Post) (Video)

2. DOUBLE DIY: Fluffy Double Whipped Shea Butter Cream & Lotion! (Blog Post) (Video)

3. Clarifying, Dandruff Fighting Clay Hair Mask: (Blog Post) (Video)

Store Bought Products:

1. Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil

Intensive Hydration Conditioner

2. As I Am Leave-In Conditioner

3. Headwrap from

Click the video below to watch me complete the whole routine.

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