14 Affordable Essentials I Bought on Amazon to Manage My Anxiety.

Anxiety, depression, and insomnia have definitely impacted the quality of my life growing up and even into my adulthood. I remember my first experience with anxiety at the age of 6, depression at the age of 10, and insomnia at the age of 14. Determined to be the catalyst of my own healing, I've spent years searching and curating essential tools to manage my anxiety, depression, and insomnia. These are tools, gadgets, and supplements to help me feel calm throughout the day and have a restful night's sleep in the evening.

12 Tips for Holiday Self-Care: Mourning During the Holidays.

**A throwback post I have previously written for another blog over a year ago. Originally written 11/17/2016** Personal Testimony: This will be the fourth holiday season without my mom. This is the fourth year I prepare food she taught me how to cook. The fourth time I wish I could call her for some tips… Continue reading 12 Tips for Holiday Self-Care: Mourning During the Holidays.