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How to Calm Your Anxious Spirit with 14 Cheap Tools.

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Anxiety, depression, and insomnia have definitely impacted the quality of my life growing up and even into my adulthood. I remember my first experience with anxiety at the age of 6, depression at the age of 10, and insomnia at the age of 14. Therefore, I’ve always felt like I’ve had an anxious spirit.

Determined to be the catalyst of my own healing, I’ve spent years searching and curating essential tools to manage my anxiety, depression, and insomnia. These are tools, gadgets, and supplements to help me feel calm throughout the day and have a restful night’s sleep in the evening. Some of these I haven’t used in a while just because I’ve been testing other things and I don’t combine everything. However, most of these I still use.

*This post does contain affiliate links. Clicking on them is free, but if you choose to make a purchase, I would earn a small commission.

How to Calm Your Anxious Spirit with 14 Affordable Tools.

Calm Your Environment, Calm Your Anxious Spirit:

Diffuser and Essential Oil Collage Numbered.png
Essential OIls & Diffuser. Control My Anxiety.
  1. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser 4-IN-1 Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier.
    It is super quiet, lightweight, and works for hours. It also works as a nightlight with a rainbow of color settings to choose from.
  2. NOW Foods Peppermint Oil, 4 oz. 
    It’s pure and calming. It can be combined with other essential oils in a diffuser.
  3. NOW Foods Tea Tree Oil, 2 oz.
    Pure, pungent, and cleansing. It goes well with peppermint and can be added to your shampoo, conditioner, body oil, or body butter.
  4. Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil by Pure Body Naturals, 1 oz.
    Lavender is one of the most calming scents to add to your collection. Add this to your diffuser with the other essential oils for a peaceful and relaxing space.
Tools to control Your Anxiety.

A Good Night's Rest Numbered.png

Get a More Restful Night’s Sleep, Beat Your Anxious Spirit:

  1. YS Industries Foam Earplugs Ultra Comfortable.
    I happen to have a different brand, but getting earplugs was the best decision I’ve ever made. They not only block out common household noises and noises from the neighbors, but they also help me hear my own breathing. Which, is really calming to be able to focus on the sounds of my own breathing.
  2. BUZIO Weighted Queen Size Blanket 15 lbs for Adults.
    Now, I haven’t tried this one yet, but I’ve been reading about how they can do wonders for the anxious person. I want to try one, but I’m going to do my research. I read that it’s good to get a blanket that is about 7% to 12% of your body weight and to go lighter if you deal with joint pain.
  3. Relax Melodies Premium: Sleep Sounds, White Noise, Meditation & Fan.
    Even though you’ll be using your earplugs, you’ll still need a soothing noise to help you feel calm upon falling asleep and waking up.
  4. Bluebonnet Nutrition Earthsweet Chewables Melatonin 5 Mg, Raspberry, 60 Count
    Most of us who deal with anxiety have a really hard time feeling sleepy when it’s time to feel sleepy. Especially, if spend a lot of time in front of the computer as I do. It’s really hard to unwind. Taking melatonin helps me to feel sleepy at the appropriate time and I never wake up groggy.
    I take this brand because it doesn’t contain artificial colors, sweeteners, milk, shellfish, tree nuts or peanuts, wheat, and soybeans. It’s free of all the things that would cause inflammation for some.
  5. Athena Menstrual Cups Period Cup or the
  6. Talisi Menstrual Cups Set of 2 Period Cups
    No one wants to worry about a leak while trying to get a good night’s sleep. I currently have white sheets on my bed and no mattress pad. The thought of a leak is panic-inducing. I’ve purchased two different menstrual cups and they both work very well. I happen to have the size for women over 30 and
    I have given birth. They are slightly bigger. The Athena cup is sold as a single cup. The Talisi menstrual cups are sold as a set of two different sizes, one small and the other is large.
Supplements Numbered.png
SAM-e, Calm Magnesium, Magnesium Oil, Vitamin B12 Complex Drops.

(I’m not a medical professional. So, please consult with your doctor before taking these or any combination of these.)

Take Your Supplements, Bye-Bye Anxious Spirit:

  1. Doctor’s Best SAM-e 400 mg, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, Mood, and Joint Support.
    When I’m on them, I’m much more focused, calm, and a bit more resilient. These aren’t cheap but they are worth it. To add, they support liver health and joint health, both of which are super important to me.
  2. Natural Vitality Calm, The Anti-Stress Drink Mix, Magnesium Supplement Powder.
    I’ve been taking this for over a year. Sometimes, I take it before bed and I give my son the kid’s version before bed. Sometimes, I can take it during the day. It doesn’t make me drowsy at all. Taking a magnesium supplement has reduced my anxiety, mood swings, muscle spasms, and this weird feeling I’d get that made me feel like I wasn’t getting enough air.
  3. ASUTRA Topical Magnesium Chloride Oil Spray, 8 fl oz
    This is a great substitute for taking the Calm supplement or even taking an Epsom salt bath because some of us just don’t have time to soak in the bath often.
    I just spray this on after taking a shower.
  4. Organic Vitamin B12 Liquid – Extra Strength 60 x 5000mcg Drops (Methylcobalamin), w/Natural Cherry Flavor.
    It’s super effective for nerve health, it helps me have energy, and boosts my mood throughout the day.

Please leave a comment telling me how you manage your anxiety. I’d love to know and your tips just might help someone else.

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Tips for Controlling Anxiety.-

12 Tips for Holiday Self-Care: Mourning During the Holidays.


**A throwback post I have previously written for another blog over a year ago. Originally written 11/17/2016**

Personal Testimony:

This will be the fourth holiday season without my mom. This is the fourth year I prepare the food she taught me how to cook. The fourth time I wish I could call her for some tips because I still feel like I am “mixing it wrong”. Even though it always turns out just like hers or very close to it. I miss her and it makes it very hard to enjoy the holidays without her. At times, I get sad and angry. Or I may feel nothing. Within all the memories, the good is mixed in with the bad. Good holiday moments and bad holiday moments. I won’t mention all the memories but dealing with them hasn’t been easy this year.

Since my last mental health-related post (here), I have been newly diagnosed with PTSD and recurring depression while getting treatment after having a panic attack and injuring myself. The day that it happened was July 24, 2016. That day would have been my mother’s 70th birthday. I thought I was okay most of the day. I didn’t cry or feel sad.

I don’t recall even thinking about her a whole lot either. But that day, a family member posted on Facebook a picture of her at her old job, wearing a very familiar wig and a pair of glasses, and she was smiling her beautiful smile that I miss so much. Unfortunately, seeing the picture lit the fuse to a lot of negative emotions that were piled high like sticks of dynamite. Without going into too much detail, I lost it. I was throwing dishes and I injured myself on my wrist. I spent the night in the emergency room and voluntarily spent just under a week at a local psychiatric crisis facility.

I don’t want myself or anyone else to go through what I went through. I want to help ease the angst the holidays can bring to those still in mourning. I’m not a professional counselor, therapist, psychiatrist, or psychologist, but I do believe in bearing one another’s burdens for the sake of making them a little lighter.


The Holidays Without Them

Holiday Milestones:

Ever since my mother’s passing, the months of February, July, November, and December have been tough. February is my birth month. July is her birth month and the same month she passed, 4 days after her 66th birthday to be exact. November and December are, of course, the holiday months’ families get together.

Empty Seat

For you, it may just be the holiday season, but whatever time of the year it is, it’s okay to acknowledge that they aren’t here anymore and that you miss them. It’s okay to cry or not cry. It’s okay to want to skip the holidays with family, but try not to. My next point will explain why.

All Too Familiar Faces, Sights, & Sounds = Triggers!

It’s hard to see and hear from family members who will remind you of your lost loved one in some way. They may speak of them because they miss them too. You may remind them of the one who is gone because you could have been raised by them, look like them, talk like them, etc. You may have a family member or two that look like your loved one, sound like them, etc.

In my case, my aunts and uncles may do or say something that will remind me of her. One of my aunt’s voice sounds just like her, except she speaks a little slower. Also, the older I get, the more I begin to look like my mother. My young son also looks a lot like her too.

Set Table

Then, there are the family members that will remind you of what was wrong with the loved ones that are gone or what went wrong while your loved one was alive. Those are very hurtful and draining moments. Whether they’re truthful comments or not, we aren’t obligated to deal with any of it.

There is also the music, there are shows, and movies that were their favorite and they heavily remind you of them. You hear their voice, their laughter, you see their smile, and you want it all back.

Holiday Milestone Plan of Action:

I’ve concluded that every milestone after my mother’s passing shouldn’t be ignored anymore. No more pretending I’m fine. Even when I don’t feel sad, I should still do a little extra to make sure I am still intact mentally and physically. The very thought of a lost loved one is a trigger.

Black and white candles

It’s important to find or create ways to continue mourning in a healthy way because the stages of grief have no special order, no expiration date, and they may reappear. I understand that every person is different in how we deal with missing someone, but I would like to share 12 different ways that we can make sure we remain whole during this holiday season and the others to come. I believe that the piled sticks of dynamite can be diffused days or weeks before the holidays come around.

**Just to let you know, I may mention some spiritual/religious things. Please know that I am not trying to offend or force anything on anyone. They are just some ideas and I will be exercising with you and will try to share the results on my blog.**

Related Post: My Holiday Self-Care in Memoriam Journal.

12 Tips for Holiday Self-Care in Memoriam:

  1. Make sure your basic needs are being met. Your basic needs are non-negotiable. Do not skip meals and water, bathing, sleep, and trips to the bathroom during this time or at all. Making sure you are well-fed, rested, clean, and refreshed will help to keep up your resilience during some of the most draining moments of the year. So, even if you are the holiday host this year, don’t neglect yourself for anyone. Have a shower or soak in the tub while the turkey is roasting. Ask someone to come over to help you cook or have them bring something already made.
  2. Journal your good memories of your loved one. Decorate the journal and make special doodles in it that relate to him or her. Make that one specifically for the holidays and keep it in a private place for the next milestone.
  3. Keep a box of tissues near for when you feel like crying. An empty room and a thick pillow are awesome for when you feel like screaming.
  4. If you are lacking emotions but still want to keep yourself whole, do something that day that will make you feel good. Take the day off work or do a half-day, go to a movie, have a snowball fight, jumping on trampolines, visit an old friend, look for free or darn-near-free stuff to do on Groupon, etc.
  5. Write down all the movies, shows, and songs you’ve enjoyed together. Make a playlist, Netflix list, or Redbox Rental list and plan to listen or watch them this year. If you don’t remember what they liked, pick something you think they would.
  6. Write a letter to them or to God about how much you miss them. Pour your heart out about the good and the bad about them. Say what you’ve always wanted to say. Update them on what’s been going on since they’ve left. Write a letter of forgiveness, if needed. Some of the loved ones we miss have hurt us and it’s time to work on letting it go.
  7. When the words escape you, look up bible verses or in memoriam quotes about mourning, sadness, family, and forgiveness. Then write them down in your journal.
  8. Wear their favorite color during the milestones. My mom’s favorite color was blue.
  9. Avoid storing those clapbacks in your mind. The bag of clapbacks can be heavy during a sensitive time. When the family gets disrespectful, attempt to drain your energy, and try to bring up the past about your lost loved one, either walk away, walk completely out, or shut it down and let them know that they are being rude and it’s not the time or place to bring up some mess. Then, say nothing else to them about it.
  10. Briefly share good memories about your lost loved one to your children, friends, or partners who may not have met them or have known them well. Share photos and share advice they used to give to you with others.
  11. Attempt to talk about how you feel (or don’t feel) with a licensed counselor. They are skilled professionals who may be able to give you tips on how to cope in a healthy way during the holidays.
  12. Start a new holiday tradition in their honor. It can be anything. It can be a combination of any of these tips. Try attending a play or an orchestra concert wearing their favorite color and afterward eat some of their favorite snacks. Or visit their gravesite and leave flowers in their favorite color or a color that represents how they left. For example, my mother passed of a cardiac arrest. Therefore, I would wear red or leave red flowers and ribbons for women’s heart health.

There is no wrong way to take care of yourself and there’s no wrong way to mourn if you are not harming yourself and others. And no matter you much you miss them and want them back or to be in heaven where they are, it’s imperative that you are safe and healthy while still on this earth.

Your existence is important. I’m telling you what I have told myself and I wouldn’t tell you if I didn’t believe it and practice it.

I had an awesome mother. I miss her so much and because I miss her, the importance of my self-care is even higher. I know that she wouldn’t want me to neglect myself. Self-neglect isn’t an option because self-neglect is the loss of oneself. Except, the body is still present. Especially, when I have my husband, my son, my family, and friends who love me. I wouldn’t want to force them to mourn my loss whether I am alive or with the Lord.

Please let me know what self-care tips you have for the holidays. How do you celebrate the life that was once here?

This post was written in memory of

Juanita Chalmers.

(July 24, 1946 – July 28, 2012)

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