How to pack for a day on set as an actress of color. Part Two

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Welcome Back! This is part two of BIPOC Actress Prep.
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I wanted to share how I get ready for a day on set as an actress of color.
Before I continue, I want to let you know that this advice can work for dancers, athletes, and other performers of color.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m an actress of color and I have to think about things that I can’t leave the wardrobe, hair, and makeup to have ready for me. I bring products that match my skin tone and one of those products is nude underwear.

Underwear, bandages, bra tape, and reusable nipple covers from

Now, this does vary on what they will have you wear that day or those days on set. However, it’s imperative that you don’t go on set wearing brightly colored underwear or underwear that is in high contrast to your skin tone. As you know, we work under bright lights and cameras that can pick up everything. So, it helps to keep it nude. Most people play it safe with black underwear, but even then, depending on what you have to wear, black underwear can still be seen.

So, I pack a couple of pairs of nude underwear (a brief and a thong) and will still bring black too just in case. For my nude underwear, I’ve had to search around for underwear that is known to be comfortable, has a variety of shades, and actually has my size and above. If you haven’t noticed or aren’t able to tell, I’m a plus-size woman.

I tend to gravitate towards comfy underwear made of cotton that can hold a pad on days that I have my period because we can be on set for up to 8 hours for commercials or industrials and up to 16 hours a day for a film. Therefore, it’s of high importance to have comfortable underwear and a change of them just in case of an emergency or if I’m in need of a refresh.

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So, I’ve researched and I’m still researching comfy underwear options for us. One of them is a mid-rise brief made with sustainably-sourced organic cotton. It’s unbelievably soft, stretchy, and more than comfortable enough to work, dance, sleep, work out, and more.

Four pairs of underwear in different skin tones.

This underwear is made by Knickey and is listed on my site at, it comes in four different shades. From darkest to lightest, Bon Bon for dark brown skin, Butterscotch for medium brown skin, Peachy Keen for pinkish light skin, and Beach Bum yellowish light skin.

The color that is closest to my skin tone is Butterscotch because I’m brown with a warm undertone.

I pair them with the My Nude Shade Ulta-thin reusable nipple covers in the color “coffee” or the My Nude Bra Tape in colors “brown sugar” or “coffee” if and when I run out, which are other sustainable options for underwear in various skin tone shades. Again, this does vary on what they will have you wear on set, but it’s better to show up with a variety of options.

Rolls of boob tape in various flesh-tone shades of brown.

And yes, I do bring my own bandages with me on set too. Depending on where I need the bandage, I’ll wear the color “caramel” or “mocha”.

Browndages in the color “caramel”.

Save yourself the hassle of finding everything you need in your shade and just bundle these items and more.

If you don’t know what is, please allow me to introduce you.

It’s a site that advocates for people of color by helping them find their shade of nude in makeup, tights, underwear, and more. It’s a growing black woman-owned company and new products and brands are often being launched on the site.

Let me know, what items are must-haves for you to have in your skin tone.

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