Dear Brown Skin Girl, Here’s How To Protect Your Skin.

black girl sunscreen

Black Girl Sunscreen is a Must For The Brown Skin Girl!

Hey! My name is Ebony and I’m so proud to be black. I’m proud to be a brown skin girl and I’m happy to have found Black Girl Sunscreen!
I’m on a mission to reduce my scars and hyperpigmentation. Within my research to minimize my current skincare issues, I read that using sunscreen along with my current skincare routine, would help combat and prevent hyperpigmentation. In my daily routine, I make sure to wear this over my moisturizer and under my makeup to reap the full benefits.

As a brown skin girl, I’m learning to love my skin, I must invest in products and companies that know what it’s like to be me and know what I need to take care of myself.

Black Girl Sunscreen Review –

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What’s So Great About This Sunscreen?

black girl sunscreen
Black Girl Sunscreen Review – This photo belongs to Ebony Glass (Author)

Black Girl Sunscreen is created by women of color for people of color. It’s formulated to dry clear and make anyone who wears it have glowing skin. This cruelty-free sunscreen can be used on the face and the body daily. It’s also vegan, it’s infused with natural ingredients, and it’s reef-safe.

Why do I need it? Confession…

I haven’t used sunscreen up until recently. *gasp* I know, I know! I didn’t really invest in a sunscreen because most sunscreens make me look ashy and contain ingredients that I don’t like to use on my body. Also, I still held on to the myth that we (black people) didn’t really need sunscreen.

Well, it turns out that we do. We can still get skin cancer and the harmful rays of the sun can and will age us faster. Therefore, cracking the black that supposedly doesn’t crack. So, we need to protect all this melanin magic!

Forever Young.

black girl sunscreen
Ebony (Author) with Black Girl Sunscreen –

I already look twenty-something to most people and I plan on keeping it that way for as long as I can. Now that I’ve been using it for over a month, I’ve already noticed a reduction of dark marks. I also noticed that I look super moisturized and healthy when I wear this sunscreen. With Black Girl Sunscreen, there’s no ashy greyness, only glowing blackness.

Talk to you later!

What does “Ebony” mean? Research it here.

P.S. If you haven’t already, check out “Brown Skin Girl” by Beyonce. Everything about this song makes me proud to be brown and proud to be named “Ebony”


1. Ask the Expert: Is There a Skin Cancer Crisis in People of Color?

2. Melanoma in People of Color.

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