Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

Minimo Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask Review –

Hey there! Let me introduce you to Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask, a gentle and skin-soothing mask to add to your skincare routine. Read this all the way to the end to get a promo code for 20% off your first purchase with Minimo.

Minimo Skin Essentials Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask. The Minimo brand is black-owned and woman-owned, made with simple ingredients, and is super affordable! Since I happen to have ordered the full-sized sample glow pack, I’ll be doing several product reviews on a few items of theirs from that bundle.

Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

I’ve written about the Minimo Skin Essentials in my previous post on how I have reduced my hyperpigmentation for my dark skin. In this review, I want to highlight Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask. It’s a soothing non-drying mask that detoxes and mildly exfoliates the skin. Its main ingredients are:
Ashwagandha as an anti-inflammatory,
Pure Israeli Dead Sea Mud as detoxifier,
French Green Clay as an exfoliator, &
Multani Mitti Ayurvedic Clay as balancing agent of your skin’s natural oil production.
It also contains other ingredients that are organic, non-gmo, vegan, and / or kosher.

I’ve been using this mask for about a month along with their other products. It is recommended to be applied to clean and dry skin and be used a most once a week.

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Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask Review – http://www.Ebony Glass

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Why Do I Recommend it?

I personally recommend trying this mask if you often deal with inflamed and painful acne. The Miracle mask contains ingredients that soothe sore skin. Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask contains non-comedogenic oils that won’t allow it to dry and harden on your face. Therefore, you avoid causing further irritation while reducing the size, pain, and redness after use.

This really works, especially if you are using other products that reduce inflammation and are also gentle on your skin. The goal is to soothe the skin, not further irritate it.

Ebony using Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask –

My acne can be small yet painful. They appear on my cheeks, my chin, forehead, and around my hairline. I do my best to take care of them before they get too big or develope a whitehead. Ew! Once they heal… or I pick them. EW! I know! I know! It’s bad. Then, I get acne scars and hyperpigmentation.
If you want to try their mask and other products, I recommend visiting their site and shopping around or visit their store.

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Minimo’s Miracle Dead Sea Mud Mask Review/ Results –

Let me know in the comments what you use to soothe your inflamed skin, who makes it, and where do you buy it from? Do you make your own mask? I’d really like to know.

Click here to shop Minimo Skin Essentials and use promo code EBONY20 to get 20% off your first purchase.

Also, here’s a Pinterest page specifically for dark skin care.

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