46 Ways to Stay Calm During COVID-19.

I’ve curated a lovely, yet random list of things that have helped me keep calm during the COVID-19 lockdown and every other vexing scenario I’ve been through within the past 10 years. This is for everyone; moms, dads, teachers, entrepreneurs, artists, etc. All of us need to learn how to stay calm under stress.

I’ve already been working from home and homeschooling. However, there has still been stressors that my son and I have been dealing with. One of which is not knowing what’s going to happen next, not being able to go when and where we normally go, we miss our friends, etc. I already have a dilemma with anxiety and depression. The tragic events that are taking place all over the world are enough to make me feel like I’m going to lose it!

This list isn’t just for current Covid-19 lockdown situation. This is a list of how to manage stress by coping mechanisms and suggestions to aid in dealing with job loss, bereavement, illness, mental health breakdown, etc.

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46 Ways to Stay Calm During COVID-19.

  1. Take your supplements. Especially the ones that help to manage anxiety.
  2. Get active the way YOU want to.
  3. Order groceries/ Order takeout/ Meal Services. You don’t have to be a hero all the time.
    Grocery Delivery:
    Walmart Grocery
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    Thrive Market
    Hello Fresh

    Takeout/ Delivery:
  4. Eat your favorite vegetables and fruits.undefined
  5. Use free sources to manage your mental health.
  6. Use paid sources to manage your mental health.
  7. Start a blog or restart and improve your old one. (See #30)
  8. Soak in the bath tub with epsom salt for 30 minutes.undefined
  9. Try aromatherapy.
  10. Get a weighted blanket.
  11. Use a white noise app at bedtime.
  12. Give yourself a scalp massage with a hot oil treatment.
  13. Take melatonin about 1 to 2 hours before bed.
  14. Post and speak positive affirmations to yourself.
  15. Go down the list of basic self-care needs.
  16. Adjust your daily schedule and make it lose.
  17. Ask for help. Help is still out there.
  18. Watch a comedy.
  19. Pray and/ or practice speaking the truth to yourself. (see #14)
  20. Stay off social media… for a little while. At least avoid using it within the first hour after waking up.
  21. Know it’s okay to not be okay.
  22. Cry.
  23. Stop overspending, overeating, oversexing, over doing everything.
  24. Work on your budget.
  25. Journal the lessons you’ve learned recently.
  26. Make plans for the future.
  27. Save money by using rebate apps when you shop. (ibotta is my fav!)
  28. Paint your nails. (ORLY- Buy One, Get One 50% Off on ALL Lacquer. Valid 5/1 – 5/15 Using Code: RETROWAVE)
  29. Give up pop/soda, smoking, drugs, etc. That stuff is expensive in more ways than one.
  30. Take a blogging course.
    I personally recommend these.
    How to Blog For a Living. Use Coupon Code: MAY-20
    Digital Content Creation University
    #MomBoss- Make Mommy Content Like a Pro.
  31. Do nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Get somewhere and sit down. You aren’t lazy. So, chill!
  32. Cry again.
  33. Text your family and best friend. Reach out!
  34. Take a Masterclass. Study whatever you want to.
  35. Watch all the movies that have been in your list/ queue for a year. Or clear your list.
  36. Clean out your email inboxes.
  37. Sing Karaoke! (“I Will Survive” is a classic.)undefined
  38. Color or Draw.
  39. Study Acting (See #34)
  40. Make your own shea butter cream. Maybe sell it too.
  41. Create your own course in what you’re knowledgeable about.
    Do You Have What It Takes To Create A Digital Course?
  42. Steam your yoni, if you have one.
  43. Find a therapist. (see #6)
  44. Create graphics for your blog or business using Canva. (See #7 and # 40)
  45. Donate personal items or items or services from your business with a coupon/ coupon code for $$ off future purchases.
  46. Listen to Healing Vibrations on YouTube.

Visit these site for more information on how to remain mentally healthy during these stressful times.
1. Mental Health and Coping During COVID19 – CDC.gov
2. Staying Calm During COVID-19- Psychology Today
3. Tips for Staying Calm and Managing Anxiety During COVID-19.
4. 5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety During the COVID-19 Outbreak

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46 Ways to Stay Calm During COVID-19.
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46 Ways to Keep Calm During COVID-19.
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  1. […] 2. Adjust Your Schedule.For us online ESL teachers, if possible, select a schedule that allows you to earn as much as you can while still making room for a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. Earning money is good, but it won’t matter if we’re so sick, we have to our your earnings to buy meds or pay for expensive doctor’s visits. We have other things to do with what we earn. I don’t know about you, but I don’t work to fill the pockets of people I don’t live with.This might mean that you need to find a company or two that will allow you to work the hours you want, spend time with your family, unwind, and get some sleep.Related Post: 46 Ways to Stay Calm During a COVID-19. […]


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