Whole30 Journey: Round Two, Day 1.

Whole30 Journey Round Two!
Today, I’m actually in day 22 as I type this, but today is the first day I decided to talk about it, why I’m doing it again, and why I might go as long as 60 days instead of just 30.

In short, I felt some symptoms returning as a result of the chaotic way that I’ve been eating. My anxiety came back a little, but my depression came back full-swing. It could be because the season was going from fall to winter and I don’t handle that well. It could also be that I had a big stressor back in August and I hadn’t really recovered mentally from that. Along, with not being able to afford my therapist as much as I want to, the depression is back. To cope, I’ve been overeating.

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I have also gained some inches back. Not horribly, but I’ve noticed some of my clothes feeling tighter. I may have gained weight back but I don’t get in the scale. In fact, I don’t have a scale. If I have a scale at home, I will just weigh myself everyday and become super critical of myself. I’m already very hard on myself. I deserve grace too.
However, my depression has been kicking my butt and the cold weather and dark days aren’t helping.

To add, my endometriosis symptoms started to return. I simply just can’t have that. Not at all. With God’s help, I will complete this journey as I have before and I have plans to try to make this lifestyle a little more permanent.

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