6 Fun Holiday Dinner T-shirts for the Whole Family: “I’m Just Here for the…”

These are fun and special t-shirts that you didn’t know that you needed. You can wear to any holiday event to let people know what you’re there for. Are you there for the turkey, the macaroni and cheese, the cobbler??? Might as well tell them upfront.

These t-shirts are mostly unisex but do go up to a 3x or higher depending on the style. They can be found exclusively at my TeeSpring storefront.

Mac n cheese yellow

  1. I’m just here for the Mac n Cheese.
    Who ain’t here for the Macaroni n Cheese?!?! They can’t come. No dessert for them! I’m ALWAYS here for the Mac n Cheese.Gift this shirt to the family member who makes the best Mac n Cheese. Gift it to the ones who don’t like Mac n Cheese too. #Petty
    Then, order yours today. We have it in adult and children’s sizes. Thanksgiving is less than a month away.
    I'm Just Here For The Mac 'n' Cheese.  Orange  T-Shirt Front
  2. I’m just here for the Sweet Potato Pie.
    I'm Just Here For The Sweet Potato Pie! Burgundy T-Shirt Front
    “Happy Easter, Happy Fourth of July, I hope you like your sweet potato pie!” Leave a comment below if you know where that’s from. Hint: It’s usually followed by “birthday bean pie.” Brownie points if you can name the character in the comments below.
    To me, Thanksgiving and Christmas just aren’t the same without sweet potato pie. My mom always made it from scratch, even the crust if she had time. It’s even better when the sweet potatoes are roasted instead of boiled.This may be the shirt for you unless you’re the type to say…
  3. I’m just here for the Pumpkin Pie.
    I'm Just Here For The Pumpkin Pie. Coral T-Shirt Front
    I mean, I guess. It isn’t horrible. (I’m sure you can begin to see my preference here.) It’s good and a little softer than the sweet potato pie. Between the two it’s the only one that actually makes sense. Think about it. A pumpkin is a fruit (just learned that) and the sweet potato is actually a yam. It makes sense to have fruit pies over yam pies.
    These are also available in children’s sizes.
    I'm Just Here For The Pumpkin Pie. Deep Red  T-Shirt Front
  4. I just here for the Turkey.
    Now, now, look! Don’t even try to tell me that you don’t want any turkey. Ain’t nothing like the well-season juicy turkey thigh. Forget the breast! The breast belongs in a turkey pot pie. That’s it!
    I'm Just Here For The Turkey! Green T-Shirt Front
  5. Who all gon’ be over there?
    I know it doesn’t go with the theme, but it’s another way of assessing if you’re going over your aunt’s house on Thanksgiving Day. It’s a common phrase said amongst those in the black community.
    Who All Gon' Be Over There?  Standard T-Shirt Front
    Who all gon’ be over there says so much. It says…
    Is my favorite cousin over there?
    Will there be someone I can chill, smoke, drink, laugh, wreak havoc with?
    I’m not going unless ___________ gon’ be there.
    And so much more.
  6. I’m just here for the Cobbler!
    YES! Peach cobbler with a healthy scoop of vanilla ice cream! OMG!
    I really like the crust with the juices and a few peaches more than anything
    I'm Just Here For The Cobbler. Light Grey T-Shirt FrontNot a fan of peaches? That’s okay. There’s blueberry cobbler and apple cobbler. Or just make your own kind.

    Which t-shirt are you most like to wear and why? What are you doing for Thanksgiving this year?
    Tell me in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

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