13 Amazing Gifts for Lazy Naturals From Target.com.

We lazy naturals love our natural hair, but don’t love long wash days and even longer hours of styling. Give the gift of an easier wash day of these products from Target.

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Journey To Acting in Motherhood: Over 23,000 Steps!

“Those who know me know that I love acting, film, and TV… the journey to acting hasn’t been easy or smooth as a mom and I do my best to take what I can find until I can get what I want.
So, let me tell y’all about my day on November 19, 2019!” #StoryTime

14 Affordable Tools to Control Your Anxiety.

Anxiety, depression, and insomnia have definitely impacted the quality of my life growing up and even into my adulthood. I remember my first experience with anxiety at the age of 6, depression at the age of 10, and insomnia at the age of 14.