Moms! Conquer These 5 Common Obstacles and Achieve Your Dreams.

Hey Moms! Have you ever thought to yourself, “I’d love to do that, but I can’t afford (___necessity___)”? Or have you ever thought “I’d love to go be a/an (__dream position__), but I don’t have anyone to watch my child.”? Or “I can’t do that! I’m a mom now.”

I have and sometimes I still do, but I don’t believe in them as much because I know that these moments are temporary. I firmly believe that we moms can achieve our goals. Just because we have children, it doesn’t mean that our lives should come to a complete halt. I believe that we should have something or things to ourselves that can feed our soul and feed our families because I also think, “What will I have when he’s all grown up? Will I then begin to live my life.”


I believe that I have a life that can involve my son AND what I’ve always wanted to do or keep doing. Plus, I want to be able to show my son what it looks like to dream and work to make them come true.

So, I’ve learned a few things while I’ve been reaching and clawing at my dreams and goals. Keep in mind, these are tips coming from the mind of an actress. I believe that these tips can still help you, even if your dream is to become a dentist or zoologist.

*Note: This I understand that some of us have children with special needs. I personally, don’t have that experience. So, if you have some experience with this, please leave a comment below about it. Maybe even offer some suggestions for other moms, dads, or parents.
Also, this post may contain affiliate links. These links are free to click. I only earn a small commission if you choose to purchase anything from these links.

So, let’s

1. Look for One- Day/ Short Term/ Temporary Gigs in your field.
One of my goals and my biggest goal is to become a paid and working actress.
One of the things that I’ve been doing to get just a little closer to that goal is that I’ve been seeking out background work. Usually, it’s only a day’s worth of work, but I would only need someone to keep my son for a day.
It gives me on-set experience until I can get to where I want to be.

I also seek other opportunities that would only last a day or a moment. So, I look for local auditions and modeling gigs. Although I haven’t had any callbacks, I still am getting the experience of auditioning.

2. Secure Reliable Childcare.


It helps to find people you can trust with your child or children. It’s hard… really REALLY hard but we always imagine the worst happening. It makes us freeze. Therefore, we remain stagnant.
Rid yourself of mom guilt and fear. Find a sitter. Ask one of your Sunday school teachers if they can watch your child for a night or on the regular. Look for a sitter on or If you can’t afford a sitter, ask a family member, or your best friend and be upfront that you won’t be able to pay them (if they are the type to ask for money.)
If you are married, both of you need to try to work out a schedule where you can do your thing.
If you are single, but you are able to co-parent, let your child’s father or mother know what’s going on and see if you both can work out a schedule.
If you know another mom who is in the same place you are, take turns watching each other’s children.

Simple Steps to Achieving Your Goals. Infographic.png


3. Money is Tight, but Finding Childcare is Still a Challenge? Work from home!

Work from home jobs are on the rise and are sites like that list different types of work from home jobs. I personally have more experience with teaching English online with Qkids, iTutorGroup, and ALO7. I can work part-time and still be able to pay my rent, pay bills, and buy groceries. It also earns me enough cash to pay for or save for whatever I need.

Most online teaching/ tutoring jobs are very flexible. It allows me to work before I homeschool my son and have the rest of the day to ourselves.

I’ve written quite a bit about Qkids since starting with them over 2 years ago. I will soon write a post about iTutor (1+ years) and ALO7 (8 months). If you already have some knowledge about the last two companies and you want to apply, click the links below.
*Note: With iTutor, I’m a teacher recruiter and interviewer, if you choose to apply with me as your interviewer, click this link. If you want more information before applying, fill out the form at the bottom of this post and I’ll respond as soon as I can.

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4. Study as Much as You Can on Your Own or with a

It helps to do a lot of self-study. Yes, we all have time to study just a little bit. It could be library books (physical and digital), youtube videos, finding free materials on what we want to do. Everything from business to acting to nutrition.

Some of what we want to do will require attendance at an accredited school or university. Take a class at a time. Take classes online all while reducing our distractions. Not eliminating distractions, but just reducing the things that keep us mindlessly scrolling through social media and playing the comparison game. Comparison is the thief of joy.

In short, find what experiences you can. Whether it’s a workshop, an internship, a one-day gig, or whatever.

5. No Seat at the Table? Build Your Own Table.


Tyler Perry building his own studio is a great example of that concept. Along with filmmakers, makeup artists, etc, we have seen what a person can do and become just by creating their own opportunities, building their own businesses, and making their own products.

So what if you’re a rookie, make videos talking about what you want to do. Find other people in your field, buy them a cup of coffee and ask questions about how to get started and the obstacles that were or are in their way.

God willing, what I plan to start doing, is to give myself opportunities. I want to write and film my own work and post it on YouTube. I want to be able to partner up with my fellow actors and actresses that I met a while back. If no one will give this working mom a seat at the table, then I’ll build my own table.

I want whoever is reading this to know that it is possible. It is very possible, but you need to keep that in mind.
Hey, moms! What tips, ideas, or methods do you have? Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Talk to you soon!

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