4 Tips to Make Your Online ESL Job Search Easier.

You’re thinking of becoming an online ESL teacher?
You’ve heard about your best friend’s sister doing it to for extra income. You even saw a fellow homeschooling mom post about being able to pay her rent and homeschooling supplies just by teaching English online.

You want to give it a shot or you teach already and want another company, but your job search leads to hundreds and hundreds of results. Some of those results lead you to the same potentially outdated list of online ESL jobs. Your head is spinning and you’re thinking about going back into retail right before the holidays. I’ve been there, done that, and got a t-shirt!

So I’ll share a few tips with you on how to get started on this job search and make it less frustrating.
Note: I can’t make any promises that finding an online ESL company to work with will be fun, but I will promise that it will become easier.

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Organize your online ESL job search with these tips.

  1. Research Online ESL companies sites like Indeed.com, Glassdoor.com, and Facebook. 

    It helps to read reviews from people who STILL work for these companies and take the ones who got fired or quit with a grain of salt. You’ll get more of a detailed and honest review from people who can openly express dissatisfaction with their current employer. Apparently, they figured out how to work around the problems and remain employed.
    You can find Facebook groups with online ESL company reviews.

  2. Search for the CEO and the Age of a Company.

    Lookup a company and find the city they are located in. Type the company’s name and search for their CEO. Find out how long they’ve been in business. There are some online ESL companies that have been around for only 4 years and some that have been around for over 20 years.
    Any ESL company that’s been around for a while most likely pay their teachers and tutors on time and in full.

  3. Try to Talk to Current & Experienced Online Teachers and Tutors.

    As I’ve mentioned before, it helps to hear from people who are still with the company. Whether they like it or not, they have the latest information on the company and we know the pros and cons of a particular company or companies. They even have the latest company news sent to their email.
    Also, we have the ability to help you get in with a particular company of your choice.

  4. Complete This Course for New and Experienced Teachers.

    As an experienced online ESL teacher and private tutor. I’ve been working hard over the months to create and perfect a course for new and experienced teachers.

    Included in this course are downloads to help you determine your hours, set financial goals, link you to the best sites to search, make your job search much easier, etc. Just head on over to https://thehomepreneurs.teachable.com/ to sign up for the course. Each section has downloadable PDFs for you to print and they are yours to keep.

    Note: The course is on hold until further notice. I am not accepting any other students as my company is currently undergoing a remodel.
    Thank you so much! ❤️

Email me if you have any questions or need help getting hired with an online ESL company.
Talk to you soon!

~Ebony Glass
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