4 Apps & Sites To Help the Self-Employed Save Money.



As an independent contractor for ESL companies that I work for and as a blogger, I’ve started using 4 apps and sites to help me as a self-employed blogger and ESL teacher manage my money, save my money, and set financial goals.
By having so many goals, (buying a home, traveling to Thailand, going back to acting classes, getting headshots done, and preparing to begin graduate school in 2020, I need to manage my money right. (COVID-19 said, “SIKE!”) Just thinking about how I’m going to pay and prepare for all of this is so daunting! 
**This post contains affiliate and referral links. Clicking them costs you no money, but I do receive a small commission if and when you decide to make a transaction or sign up for a program.**

Four apps and sites to help you count your money, save your money, and set financial goals.

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1. Qapital:

Qapital helps me to save money towards my goals and set aside tax money. With Qapital, create any goal and save in multiple ways and set rules on how and when money is transferred from my bank into savings.


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You can do some investing with this app too, but I’m currently using the app below to do that. https://get.qapital.com/9c8z5ZQ0fU

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Stash allows me to invest as little or as much as I want. It also allows me to start a retirement fund, open a debit account, get cash back, open a custodial account for your children and so much more.  It even provides a potential growth tool.


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I currently invest in companies that I use every day. (Netflix, Mastercard, Chipotle, Costco, etc) Sign up and get $5.

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3. EveryDollar App & www.EveryDollar.com:

I use everydollar for budgeting my income and have fun with my money too. I can create a budget in any category I need and determine how much is going to be spent. Most categories have been turned into Funds. Using the ‘Funds’ feature allows you to prepare for a future expense such as a downpayment on a home.

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The Fund feature to see unused money roll over to the next month’s budget.
A lot can be done just using the free features of this app. If you want you bank transactions to sync with the app, you can do this for $10.75 a month/ $129 a month billed annually.

4. The Finance Bar:

I signed up for this about a year ago and I am still working through it, but I love the format she uses to help others tackle money problems. I pay $10 a month and I get full membership access to videos, expert advice, bundles (forms to help you get it and keep it together), the forums, and so much more.
There are numerous bundles to help you pay down debt, set financial goals, and become more financially literate. 

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Sign Up Here: www.thefinancebar.com
I hope these apps and sites will be helpful for you and your financial journey.
What apps and sites are you using to manage your funds? Low on funds?
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Talk to you soon!
~Ebony Glass

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