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Hey there! Welcome to my updated blog, here at Ebony Glass Co.

I have a new review of Janomi Hair products created and owned by a black woman, Adrienne Janomi. She is one I admire and respect. She has worked very hard to create his business and her brand to be what is now. 

She currently sells hair oil, a leave-in conditioner, a styling butter, a detangling comb, and more.

In this review, I will talk about and demonstrate how I achieved the best twistout I’ve ever had using her Citrus Juice leave-in conditioner and the Essential Hair & Scalp Oil.

Watch the Review Here

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Janomi Review ScreenShot 2
Janomi Hair Review: Results After Fluffing the Twistout.

You’ll see during the demo that I continuously split my twists to add volume to my hair. This is a good trick to do if you weren’t blessed with a “high strand out”. 

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The Citrus Juice Leave-In Conditioner:


This is the best leave-in I’ve ever used. Hands down and no exaggeration. My hair feels so soft and manageable after using this. I’ll never go back to another leave-in.

This oil is best sprayed on damp hair if you are the type with high-porosity hair. Spray this on your ends and work your way up. Doing this will add moisture and help to seal it in. It’s light enough to use on the scalp and light enough to use on locs.

You can also spray it on your scalp to soothe itching and dryness. 

The Essential Hair & Scalp Oil:



This is one of the first Janomi Hair products that I’ve ever tried. This oil leaves my hair so smooth, soft, and hydrated. When you pair it with the leave-in, you’re doing your hair the biggest favor. 

It’s best to apply this oil after you’ve sprayed the leave-in conditioner. If you are not planning on twisting your hair, it’s best to apply the oil to your scalp and massage in.
If you are going to twist your hair, apply the oil to your scalp after so that you can have better access to your scalp.

To watch the full review, watch the video below.


Again, use the promo code “EBONY” to get 15% OFF of your purchases until December 31, 2018. Let me know what you have ordered. Try it and then come back to tell me about it.

Talk to you later!

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