0% Chill. My Mission To Self-Heal.


Yo! How’s it going? How’s life?

I wanted to talk to you all about what I’ve been doing to help with my endometriosis symptoms and other problems I’ve been having with my body in general. I really hope that I can help you too!

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying different ways to stay active, to relieve pain, reduce stress, and boost my energy and fertility.
First, I’d like to talk about how I have been able to reduce the hip, pelvis, abdomen, and lumbar pain.

My tank says 0% Chill and that’s exactly how I feel at this point. I’ve been so frustrated with my health, I’ve been stressed about how I could afford to get help, and I believe that I’ve been stressing out about it instead of actually staying calm and learning about what I COULD afford to do about it.

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Paying to see a specialist, hoping that insurance would cover certain specialists and procedures, trying to find affordable insurance, and trying to find doctors and practitioners to take my symptoms seriously are things that take too much money and time. I needed to figure out what I could do TODAY. Right now!

20180709_134806 (1).jpg
0% Chill Tank & Peace Yoga Mat

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Things have worked so far:
1. Yoga & Pilates Videos.
I’ve been dealing with hip pain off and on for years since having my son. I DO also have a herniated lumbar disc, along with endo causing me even more pelvic, hip, and back pain. So, I’ve found YouTube videos to help me relieve hip pain, loosen tight muscles, strengthen the surrounding muscles, and improve my body’s response to stress.
These videos have been the most helpful.

I was doing most of these without a yoga mat or any other type of cushion and that was causing pain and discoloration on my knees, making them tender and dark. So, investing in an affordable yoga mat has been extremely helpful!

Peace Yoga Extra Thick 3mm or 6mm Pilates Exercise Yoga Mat with Printed Design


0% Chill Tank

Go ahead and give them a try!

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2. Supplements!
I knew that my body had (and still has) a hormonal imbalance. I’ve done thorough research and carefully considered which supplements and the dosage would be right for me. If you have a practitioner or a naturopath that you can discuss supplements with, I STRONGLY suggest doing that first. For me, I made the personal decision to try taking any of these supplements.
DIM: A supplement that aids in reducing excesses estrogen and xenoestrogens that can make anyone estrogen dominant. I took this and noticed reduced pain during my cycle.

It is only within this month that I have stopped taking this supplement because the option to try to conceive is now on the table and from my understanding, estrogen is needed for my future pregnancy. I’ll blog more about that soon.

Pure DIM Supplement 250mg Diindolylmethane Plus BioPerine and Dong Quai - Hormone Balance for Women and Men, Hot Flashes Menopause Relief, PCOS, Acne - Estrogen Blocker and Natural Aromatase Inhibitor

*NOTE: For the few weeks of taking these, I had headaches while doing strenuous activities like HIIT cardio and during sex. It went away within 3 weeks. Make sure to drink a lot of water while taking this supplement. That’s the ONLY problem I had with this.

All Natural Progesterone Cream: Taking this supplement, along with taking the dim helped to reduce my heavy flow and shortened my period from six days (5 days bleed/ 1-day spot) to five days (4 days bleed/ 1-day spot).
*NOTE: If you have the same problem I have, you’ll notice within your first or second month of taking these two that you’ll pass really large clots during your period and then they become normal months after. I would have had photos of those clots, but I didn’t want to be gross. But they were huge and at least a quarter-inch thick and two to three inches wide.

3. Therapy & Journaling: In the past, I’ve mentioned my history with mental illness, but I haven’t been to therapy in years. Well, I’ve just started therapy again. At first, I was feeling hopeless about finding a therapist without insurance. Until I got an email from Nicole Walters, because… you know? I’m a #Richfriend. And even though we are both God-girls, we both agree that our pastors and pastor’s wives are not our therapists. In the email, she mentioned this website called Open Path. This site helps you to find an affordable therapist in your area.

Before we continue, click here to get your free 14-page journal; 3 Steps to Heal Yourself Journal.

I’ve found a therapist in my area that only charges me $50/ session AND she does phone sessions. After one session, I already have homework to do that helps me to conquer fears, address past trauma, and journal my feelings and to label my worries.

Things that I will be attempting soon, but haven’t started.

1. Trying to switch to an AIP Diet: I know that many people have tried this to relieve many autoimmune problems and endo is one of those problems. I struggle with compulsive eating and it’s been extremely hard to control myself with junk food, sweets, and other inflammatory food and drinks. I have found some books about it that I will begin reading very asap!
Please pray for me! That’s all I can ask.

2: Seeing a specialist and a naturopath. I DO need to work with professionals who take my kind of matters seriously and will help me.

Have you ever been on a journey of self-healing? If so, how did it work for you? How is it working for you?
I look forward to hearing from you.

Talk to you later!

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