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I have a mini haul for you! I finally purchased some things that I’ve always wanted and NEEDED. These items are from a black-owned small business by a young lady who is just the cutest! Like, I wish she was my little sister kind of cute.

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But… I’m the baby! LOL 😛


This shirt caught my eye on Instagram months ago on the Adorned By Chi’s Instagram page and I just about lost it!

Why did I lose it?

*Note: I’m going to type with a lot of exclamation marks because I am too excited about this shirt and the fact that this is my first fashion haul for you all.
**Another Note: This post is NOT sponsored. Carry on!

Because I LOVE Wednesday Addams and someone made her just as black as me! I remember watching the Addams Family movie when I was a young girl. I was immediately drawn to the darkness of Wednesday Addams (Christina Ricci) and the grace and poise of Morticia Addams (Anjelica Huston).

addams family values wednesday addams gif

To me, Wednesday Addams was one of the most relatable girls I’ve ever seen on tv and in movies. I used to get annoyed to see children super happy and precocious on tv and in movies. All the while, I was this realist black girl who always saw the world for what it was, including the dark parts.

So, I had to get the tee and the cup to match my forever-mood with my forever-skin. Black on the inside and out. No! I don’t actually hate everything. I hate all the things that I get quickly annoyed with… which is almost everything.

The Items!

The “I Hate Everything” Wednesday shirt is a comfy cotton tee. It’s one of the softest tee shirts I own now. Which falls in line with her theme of being a soft black girl. The color print on the shirt is well applied. The print is not too thick that you can’t fold it any way that you like.

The shirt comes in unisex sizes. So, since I am a solid size 16/ XL I went a size lower to a size large to have more of a fitted look. However, I have fatter upper arms and the sleeves are a smidge too tight but not tight enough to restrict movement. See photos below.

Her tees go up to a size 4 XL! So, anyone can wear her tees and look super cute.

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Ebony/ CoilySue86 in Adorned By Chi tee.
Ebony/ CoilySue86 in Adorned By Chi tee.

The “One Wednesdays We Stay Black” mug explains Wednesday and my self the best. We stay black. Our ways can be “too black” to most, but we know who we are and we are okay with who we are.

I have the 11 oz mug. The paint on the mug is strong and has yet to scratch and chip. It’s been in the dishwasher several times already. I don’t have a microwave to test it out with heating. So, I don’t know how it does when it comes to heating up water for tea. *Keep reading to find out how you can win one of these mugs.

This is the cutest mug I have ever bought myself yet.

“On Wednesdays We Stay Black” Mug


“On Wednesdays We Stay Black” Mug
“On Wednesdays We Stay Black” Mug

***My pants are from ModCloth.The blue is sold out, but here they are in black.

What do you think? Wanna order the shirt or the mug? Click here to visit the Adorned By Chi site to find these items and check out more cute and black items.

Visit her site and let me know what’s your favorite items from Adorned by Chi.

Adorned By Chi

*^*If you want to win one of these mugs, become one of my Patrons to be entered into the raffle. I need at least 6 patrons before I can raffle this 11oz mug. The raffle is NOT sponsored by Adorned By Chi or any of their affiliates. The winner will be picked at random. The item will be purchased by me and sent to you. The raffle entry period will begin 1/24/2018 and end by 2/7/2018 at 12:00 AM CST.

There may be affiliate links posted on this page. Clicking these links doesn’t cost you a thing. If you make a purchase through these links, I just get a tiny commission to help keep my blog up and running.

Talk to you later.

Ebony/ CoilySue86


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