#HealZone Journal Promt Day Four.

Question: How do you value yourself?

Response: I’m not exactly sure how to answer this question, but I will give it my best.
I value myself by practicing the act of not taking myself too seriously. Even though I have many talents and gifts, I am not above anyone. I’m not above constructive criticism.

I value myself by reacting to the notion that I am worthy of respect and I avoid those who can’t seem to give it to me.

I value myself by sticking up for myself and others when I see an unjust moment.

I value myself by meditating on the fact that I am made and taken care of by a wonderful creator. God has shown me so much grace and mercy. He has shown me this by not allowing me to be overcome by my trials and the consequences of my wrongdoings.

I value myself by meditating on the fact that I am more valuable than what the world could ever offer me. There’s nothing wrong with money and possessions. However, I can’t be willing to do all the things just because I fear the unseen.

I value myself by researching who and where I came from. I am of Jamaican descent. My father was born in Saint Mary, Jamaica. I’ve done some digging on his parents. (They died many years before I was born.) I discovered my grandmother’s death certificate with this one free website and learned just enough to start working on my family tree.

How do you value yourself?



Carol's Daughter

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