5 Holistic Approaches to Goal-Setting You Should Do This New Year!


New Years is the perfect time to reset and reflect on your plans progress. It’s a great time to set new goals. But numbers and history don’t lie. Most people don’t even take action towards their goals for more than a few weeks. Then it’s back to where they started. I want to help change that. Here is a holistic approach to goal setting that will help you stay on track and complete your goals!

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1. Figure out the different areas of importance in your life.

All of them are equally important and if we want to think in a holistic way, we can’t focus on creating success in just one area of life. You have to find balance.

There is one exception from that rule though-if you feel like you have been neglecting one area of your life, go and fix that part first. For example, if you are in debt- try to fix it first. Still, this does not give you the green light to eat unhealthy food and stop working on other areas of your life. It just means that most of your efforts and goal setting should be focused on fixing what needs to be fixed first, so you can focus on other things later. Otherwise, you won’t be able to create progress with other things.

2. Write goals that are aligned with your passions and vision for life.

Think of something that excites you. Think of activities you enjoy. There is no point in forcing yourself to do something just for the sake of doing it. Your goals should serve you like a map to get you closer to your vision.

3. Attract and attach yourself to your goals.

Say and write all your goals in the present tense and express gratitude. This is important!

4. Take Action

Take meaningful and purposeful action, if you are not too sure what to do, or you feel you are not on the right track, step back, re-define your vision or change it, re-align yourself moving forward and start again.

5. Write your goals down on paper.

Go old school! By writing your goals down, you set yourself up for success. You are more prepared to deal with bad days and difficult moments. I believe that working on my body, mind, and soul, guarantees holistic balance and success. Try to center your goals in those categories. You are the creator of your life. Don’t overdo your goals lists. Less is better.

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After that, I decide what the major steps are to complete my goals and I divide them into quarterly tasks. Then, on a monthly basis, I divide them into weekly and daily tasks and goals, and I also have a clear vision for my life, going through the process of “New Year’s Resolutions” is just like creating the next step for myself. I go through my regular process. It’s about building a habit and making it apart of your daily routine.

Finally, make copies of your goals and put them in major traffic areas such as the bathroom, your bedside table, on the refrigerator, and your steering wheel. Keep them visible, so they are always on the forefront of your mind.

Hope this helps! Enjoy, and Happy New Years!

Written by: Columbia Johnson

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