Fall & Winter Natural Hair Regimen| Start to Finish + 3 Style Options.

Hey! I’ve got a treat for you!

I’ve created a great regimen to beat cold weather dryness and itching. The process is simple and doesn’t take up any more time than a normal wash day. Did I mention that it includes three styles?

This regimen consists of homemade and store bought products to help you obtain and maintain healthy hair from start to finish. It’s up to you to use either homemade or store bought. There’s no pressure. Just don’t skip the LOC or LCO method.

Homemade Products:
1. Anti-Dandruff Hot Oil Mix (Blog Post)

https://youtu.be/textfA3r73I (Video)

2. DOUBLE DIY: Fluffy Double Whipped Shea Butter Cream & Lotion! (Blog Post)

https://youtu.be/YEcswR3jHLg (Video)

3. Clarifying, Dandruff Fighting Clay Hair Mask: (Blog Post)

https://youtu.be/f9af7BNoudY (Video)

Store Bought Products:

1. Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil

Intensive Hydration Conditioner

2. As I Am Leave-In Conditioner

3. Headwrap from Elinorah.com

Click the video below to watch me complete the whole routine.

4 responses to “Fall & Winter Natural Hair Regimen| Start to Finish + 3 Style Options.”

  1. […] Double-Whipped Shea Butter Recipe: (Video posted below) A half pound of unrefined organic Shea butter 1/4 cup of blended oils 1/8 cup of sweet almond oil 1/8 cup of jojoba oil 1 to 2 dropper full of vitamin e oil And add any essential oils of your choice 1/2 cup of unrefined organic virgin coconut oil A large mixing bowl A plastic or wooden spatula A hand mixer with mixing beaters and a whisk beater. […]


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