My Natural Hair Profile. What Do We Have In Common? ~CoilySue86

Hey, everyone! How’s it going? I hope all is well.

I want to give you all my hair profile. I think that it will help everyone determine what ways we are alike and if the products and styles I have or will try on my blog and vlog would help you too.

Hair Profile Update Here!

My Hair:
Type: 4A Coily
Length: Medium
Texture: Very Fine Strands
Density: Medium to High Density
Porosity: High.
Growth: Average to slow growth.
Color: Dark Brown. Lighter at the Ends. Never color treated.

Current Problems:
Growth: Has slowed down a lot over the past year.
Porosity: Is so high that my hair releases moisture just as easily as it absorbs moisture. It also stretches and stretches and doesn’t recoil.
Ends: FAIRY.KNOTS.GALORE. And they reappear quickly after dusting. Tangles very easily.
*Edges: Thin and seemingly doesn’t grow. Grows less than the rest of my hair. Making it difficult to achieve crown braids or twists. *Sad Panda*
Texture and Density: These two aren’t really a problem, but when it comes to having voluminous braids and twists they aren’t full looking.


If you are unsure of how to determine your hair type, density, and texture; click these links here to help you learn more about your hair.
3. Texture Typing℠
Because is awesome! I’m just saying. They’ve been a blessing to me.

Now, let us continue.
I’m still experimenting with getting my hair to be the healthiest it can be. To remedy some of my problems I have been researching, seeking consultation, and experimenting with the following ideas:

High Porosity and Fairy Knots:

Hair stretches and stretches and doesn’t recoil.

From my understanding, there are things I can do externally and internally to combat high porosity hair.
Internally, taking supplements like B6, B3, and Omega-3s can help to make sure that your hair and the hair follicle are getting nourishment and being properly hydrated from the start of growth.

I had my physician check my blood for any vitamin deficiencies to confirm what I am already lacking.
I am borderline insufficient in Vitamin D.
I am anemic and I have been for years. I’ve started taking an iron tablet twice a day. I also take one 1400mg of organic flaxseed oil capsules everyday.
Also, I am certain I am dealing with a hormonal imbalance that may be affecting my overall hair health, but I can not confirm without a visit with the endocrinologist.

Externally, I need REAL PROTEIN TREATMENTS! After doing some research, I’ve learned that egg, oil, avocado, and other protein rich foods have the protein molecules that are just too large to penetrate our hair shaft. Proteins like hydrolyzed wheat, rice, or even soy have the protein molecules that are small enough to penetrate our hair.
So, I recently purchased hydrolyzed wheat protein from Green Beauty via Amazon. I am doing weekly deep protein treatments with a mix of hydrolyzed wheat protein and my favorite conditioners. I do this after shampooing my hair. From my understanding, the hair has to be really clean in order to have the protein penetrate the hair shaft; making our hair softer, stronger, and shinier.

I am also looking into leave-ins that allow much slippage after my hair is dry. I am looking for products with marshmallow root and slippery elm bark. I plan on trying My Natural Sistas leave in detangler recipe one day to make my own slippery leave in. For now, I am using the L.O.C Method with As I Am Leave-In Conditioner, my homemade oil mix, and my Shea butter mix to seal it all in. Then, I detangle, keep my hair in protective twists, and wear wraps and hair bands throughout the week until the next wash day. So far, my hair seems to be responding and I will talk more about that in another post or even a video.


Bedtime hair puffs.

*Edges and Growth:
Internally, I was taking the New Chapter Women’s One Daily which is one of the best multivitamins I have ever come across. I recently fell off taking them, just because the tablets have other ingredients that may interfere with the absorption of the liver medication I am on. Even though all the multivitamin ingredients are all natural, I am on a very strong medication for a liver condition. A condition that I can not go into too much detail about right now, but I have been dealing with this problem for a long time, long before I knew it was there, and I am certain that it has been having an effect on my hair, skin, and nails.

*I believe my “thin” edges and slowing growth are genetic. I may not have noticed how they looked in the past because my hair was relaxed and just as thin as my edges. Also, my edges have a distinct shape. A shape that I remembered that my mother had and my son also has those edges. So, I am not super worried about my edges being “thin” or my growth appearing slow. However, I still will work to try to improve the quality of my edges and growth.

Texture and Density:

My Fro

Like with my edges and growth, these problems can be dealt with internally and externally… if genetics aren’t the cause. And there isn’t too much we can do about genetics. Yet, there are things I can do and not do to prevent problems with texture and density. My strands are really fine coils. They are so fine, that when I think I’ve grabbed one or two strands of hair, I actually have 3 or 4.
So, when I try to have full looking twists and braids, my hair looks flat every time. Yet, when I have a twist out, braid out, or an Afro, my hair looks full. So, I am the type that may have to add hair to get full looking twisted or braided styles. I’m not sure if I am twisting or braiding my hair too tight, but I need a little extra help.

So, I hope that I can be of some help to you all and I could use your help as well.
Please let me know what we have in common and what you have been doing to remedy your problems.

Talk to you all later!

Ebony/ CoilySue86

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